Tower Defense Simulator Codes: Gems, Skincrates (January 2022)

If you want to embellish your character along with the towers in Tower Defense Simulator, you need a lot of cash. However, Tower Defense Simulator codes are what you need to get the hardcore gems, skincrates, coins, XP, and much more.

Keep going through the article to find out all the latest Tower Defense Simulator codes that have not expired.

Tower Defense Simulator is a Roblox-based game which is developed by Paradoxum Games. You can team up with another player in Tower Defense Simulator to defeat all the enemies and win the map.

With the codes for Tower Defense Simulator, you can receive gems, XP, and coins for free. Those gems and coins will help you buy new towers and skins of your choice.

Tower Defense Simulator codes in Roblox (2022)

  • robloxisback
  • teleportfailed
  • itwasmortar
  • imababy
  • roblox
  • newyear2021
  • 2spooky4u
  • 30k
  • 1pumpkin
  • gems
  • launch
  • doublebloxies
  • icyfreeze
  • w33klicode
  • happy3ast3r!
  • spr1ngm1l3stone
  • t3mplar
  • 5kmilestone
  • electro
  • 02moment
  • moarexp
  • sw33txp
  • gamermode0n
  • r3tro
  • trickortreat
  • b1rdhunt3r
  • thankyou
  • 3s8kzmc
  • summer
  • 120k
  • kitt3n
  • gor1lla
  • 1milvisits
  • raz0rf1sh
  • 10kplayers
  • longwait
  • j0hnrbx
  • johnroblox
  • happy4th
  • friday

How to redeem the Tower Defense Simulator codes?

This was indeed an extensive list of the Tower Defense Simulator codes. Now it’s time to redeem them all. Follow the steps mentioned below to redeem the codes for Tower Defense Simulator:

  • Open up Tower Defense Simulator and click on the Twitter logo on the left side.
  • Enter a code and press Redeem.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

What are the Tower Defense Simulator codes?

Paradoxum Games, the developers of the Tower Defense Simulator, want to reward the players. Providing the free Tower Defense Simulator codes is a way to reward the players with skincrates, XP, gems, and much more.


If you haven’t redeemed the codes already, do it right now, as they are available for a limited period. We do update the list regularly. Therefore, you can check this page regularly to get the new codes.

Moreover, if you get new codes, you can definitely share them with our readers by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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