Raven – Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, Customizable, Responsive)

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Raven – Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, customizable and responsive. It uses D3.js with TOPO JSON, has 247 countries, ~100,000 cities, and can be used in an isolated environment without external lookups!.

Live – Demo


Offline – Demo

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  • Uses D3.js (Not Anime.js)
  • Active threat map (Live and replay)
  • IP, country, city, and port info for each attack
  • Attacks stats for countries (Only known attacks)
  • Responsive interface (Move, drag, zoom in and out)
  • Customize options for countries and cites
  • 247 countries are listed on the interface (Not 174)
  • Optimized worldmap for faster rendering
  • Includes IP lookup, port information
  • Random simulation (IP, country, city)
  • Can be used online or offline (Static)
  • Theme picker module


Init the worldmap

qb_raven_map()                      //raven object constructor takes the following:

svg_id //SVG ID
world_type //round or 2d
selected_countries = [] //List of ISO_3166 alpha 2 countries that will be selected
remove_countries = [] //List of ISO_3166 alpha 2 countries that will be removed from the map
height //height of the worldmap
width //width of the worldmap
orginal_country_color //Hex color for all countries
clicked_country_color //Hex color will be applied to any clickable countries
selected_country_color //Hex color will be applied to any selected countries
countries_json_location //Countries JSON file (qcountries.json)< br/>cities_json_location //Cities JSON file (qcities.json)
global_timeout //Global timeout for animation
db_length //Size of the db that stores attack events
global_stats_limit //Limit attack stats of a country
verbose //Verbose output should be off unless (use only for debugging)

raven = new qb_raven_map("#qb-worldmap-svg", null, [], ["aq"], window.innerHeight, window.innerWidth, "#4f4f4f", "#6c4242", "#ff726f", "qcountries.json", "qcities.json", 2000, 100, 10, true)

raven.init_world() //Init the worldmap (The worldmap should be ready for you to use at this point)

Plotting data

raven.add_marker_by_name()          //Plot info by country or city name
raven.add_marker_by_ip() //Plot data by IP address
raven.add_marker_by_coordinates() //Plot data by coordinates

marker_object //An object {'from':'','to':""} see examples
colors_object //An object {'line: {'from': ''#FF0000','to': 'FF0000'}} this the color of the line between 2 points - (if null, then a random color will be picked)
timeout //Animation time out
marker = [] //A list of animation marker, use ['line'] for now

raven.add_marker_by_ip({'from':'','to':''},{'line': {'from':'#FF0000','to':'#FF0000'}},1000,['line')

Plotting data + adding it to the output table

raven.add_to_data_to_table()        //Plot info and add them to the output table

method //Name, IP or coordinates
marker_object //An object {'from':'','to':""} see examples
colors_object //An object {'line: {'from': ''#FF0000','to': 'FF0000'}} this the color of the line between 2 points - (if null, then a random color will be picked)
timeout //Animation time out
marker = [] //A list of animation marker, use ['line'] for now

raven.add_to_data_to_table('ip',{'from':'','to':''},{'line':{'from':'#FF0000','to':'#FF00 00'}},1000,['line')


  • Optimize the IP filters <- queued for testing (If you run this in an isolated environment, it should not be an issue)
  • Add Theme Picker


  • Wikipedia, naturalearthdata, d3.js, topojson, jquery, font-awesome, OSINT package, iana, geonames, AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE
  • Let me know if I missed a reference or resource!


  • The dark grey style is typical in my projects (You can change that if you want)
  • If you need help improving your world map or cyber threat map, reach out, and I might be able to help you!
  • Please spend some time in understanding how this project works before opening any issues or leaving any inquiries or comments
  • If you want to see other examples of worldmaps that DO NOT have all the features listed in this project (Google image search -> world map dark grey)

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