North Korea cyber-attacks a US hacker, he takes down their whole internet

An American computer hacker said that he was behind a revenge attack that has crippled North Korea’s Internet several times in the last month.

Digital connectivity in North Korea recently took a hit as the country was seen suffering from repeated outages of its few websites. The experts were trying to find the reason behind this for the past two weeks.

However, it turns out that an individual hacker sitting at his home in the US has taken down North Korea’s internet connectivity single-handedly.

The attack is due to revenge, against a previous cyber-attack from North Korea of which the hacker was the victim. A hacking campaign by North Korea had targeted Western security researchers in an attempt to steal their hacking tools and find gaps in their cybersecurity protocols. Among the many targeted, one American took this attack personally and wanted to get back at North Korea’s attempts.

The hacker identified as P4x waited for a year to see if the US government responded to North Korea’s strike. Seeing that there was no retaliation, P4x decided to revert to the attacks by himself.

In order to get back at North Korea’s hacker group, P4x launched “denial-of-service” attacks on the servers and routers of North Korea’s networks. He had found numerous “known but unpatched vulnerabilities” in the systems that allowed him to launch these attacks. Since then, P4x has managed to automate these attacks on the country’s networks. Now he just periodically checks the functioning of his programs meant to disrupt the internet of North Korea, right at his home.

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