Is Bluestacks Safe? Does It Have Viruses?

Blustacks is known for being one of the best Android emulators in its class. Since its launch in 2009, it’s been a free emulator and available on Windows and macOS.

Many doubt Bluestacks when it comes to security.

These questions arise in the first place because Bluestacks is a free-to-download software. Given that there are a lot of security breaches and vulnerabilities found on the internet, you’re bound to worry.

This guide will emphasize whether Bluestacks is a safe emulator or not, along with some of its features.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a Virtualization software for Android that allows you to run Android apps and games on operating systems like Windows and macOS.

Bluestacks is popular among Gamers since it enables them to play their favorite Android games on a more prominent display.

PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks 4

You can run any apps you want, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, etc. It’s like a completely different Android device working on your Mac or Windows computer.

Is Bluestacks Safe?

The simple answer to this question is yes, Bluestacks is entirely safe to use. If you download Bluestacks from the official website, then you’re entirely in safe hands and don’t need to worry about anything at all.

That said, if you download it from any other website other than the official one, you can expect different forms of Malware. It’s probably best if you avoid downloading Bluestacks from other websites.

Some users might face a prompt from Bluestacks when installing that asks you to disable real-time updates or any anti-virus software running on your computer. It happens because most of the anti-virus software stops new applications to alter computer’s files.

As a result, any anti-virus would perceive Bluestacks as a virus and stop Bluestacks from installing completely. There are many other reasons why it is considered a security threat. Other than just installing the program files, it adds files that support virtualization on your computer.

However, you can always choose to re-enable the Windows Security/Defender or the Anti-virus of your choice.

Bluestacks is a safe and trusted software by millions of users. You don’t need to doubt it if you get it from the official website.

How is Bluestacks Made Safe?

The Bluestacks team makes sure that the application is from every corner. They’re always working to keep it as safe as possible for you to use it without any worries. Here is how they achieve it:

1. Regular Security Patches

Whenever the team finds a vulnerability, they make sure the vulnerability gets patched as soon as possible. There were instances when Bluestacks found some vulnerabilities in their system. But the good part is that they got fixed in no time.

Bluestacks Developers Work on Bug Fiixes

When the team finds a vulnerability, they try to keep the application as secure as possible. Each new update introduces bug fixes and the latest security patches to keep your data and computer safe from any attacks. With time, the security keeps getting better, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

2. Your Data and Information is Safe

Bluestacks has strict rules when it comes to keeping your data safe. If you look at the Terms and Conditions of Bluestacks, the company states that they collect unrecognizable data to make the product better and not sell it to advertisers.

Furthermore, they assure that they don’t forward your private and personal information like email, name, etc., to others.

Your Data is Safe with Bluestacks

However, they don’t have control over what apps you choose to install. As a result, apps like Google, Facebook, and others may still track your personal information when you’re using Bluestacks. And Bluestacks can’t save you from that since the software depends upon third-party app installations.

Why Bluestacks Over Others?

Bluestacks is the primary choice of many streamers to multi-task and play games while streaming to services like YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms at the same time. The flexibility Bluestacks provides over other emulators is unmatchable to this day.

Since smartphones require more and more power to run applications, Blustacks allows you to play any game or use any application at its peak performance.

Emulators can utilize your PC’s resources and bring out the proper performance of any application, something which you can’t expect from smartphones.

Bluestacks: Top Games

That said, with higher performance, you can expect higher FPS in games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and other games that require higher performance. You can also control and manage FPS, sound, and other aspects with a Multi-instance manager.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any battery drain and can play games longer. So if you’re planning to stream gaming for long hours, Bluestacks is an ideal application for you. More accessible controls on Bluestacks allow you to play games without memorizing the controls commonly used in gaming.

Bluestacks Macros

In the recent updates, Bluestacks introduced Macro scripts to perform specific actions in a pre-determined order. You have to record the steps in order and assign a particular button. This button will repeat the process of actions whenever you press it.

Native Gamepad Control on Bluestacks

In addition to keyboard controls, Bluestacks supports Gamepads from manufacturers like Xbox, Logitech, PS4/PS5, Razer, PDP, and many more.

Recently they have also launched cloud emulator which will n longer require to install bluestacks on your PC.


When it comes to Bluestacks’ security, you need not worry about it. Bluestacks is one of the safest emulators you can use. In our testing, we didn’t find any issues or any malware and virus with Bluestacks.

However, you must avoid downloading Bluestacks from third-party sites. Furthermore, you should always install trusted applications from Play Store to avoid any data leaks in most cases.

It’s also best to avoid using it on low-end PCs, which don’t have minimum requirements; doing this avoids your PC from crashing and avoiding Blue Screen of Death.

The best evidence you can get is that your favorite streamers use Bluestacks to play mobile games on their PC. With its incredible features and security, we can say that you can trust Bluestacks without another doubt.

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