“Unlock the Power of Twitter: Discover How Bookmark Counts on iOS can Transform Your Social Media Strategy”

“Unlock the Power of Twitter: Discover How Bookmark Counts on iOS can Transform Your Social Media Strategy”

Twitter has recently launched two brand new features for its iOS app, that will enhance its user experience. The first feature is the much-awaited ‘Bookmark counts display’ that allows users to see the number of times their saved tweets have been bookmarked by users, while the second feature enables private accounts to limit the number of followers that can view their past tweets.

Previously when a user saved a tweet or content, as a bookmark on Twitter, there was no way of knowing how many other users had saved the same tweet, however now Twitter has made it available for users to see how many times their tweets have been bookmarked by other users. This feature will enable users to keep track of their content more effectively and gauge the impact that their tweets are making.

The new feature of limiting who can view past tweets will enable private account holders to restrict their tweets to only their current followers. If anyone wishes to follow their account after the date of the changes, the account owner can review and approve the request before any tweets can be viewed. This is great news for those who want to maintain their online privacy as it enables users to filter out unwanted followers and viewers.

These features are now available on iOS but are likely to be rolled out across other platforms very soon as they are part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to improve its user experience.

Overall, these two changes to Twitter’s iOS app are significant as Twitter is a popular platform for sharing content, and these features will greatly enhance user privacy and experience. With these new features, users can now interact on Twitter with confidence, knowing who has bookmarked their tweets and who can view their past posts.

Key Takeaway: Twitter’s new features for the iOS app allow users to see bookmark counts display and enable private accounts to filter out their past tweets to specific audiences. It enhances user experience, helps track content impact and maintain privacy.

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