Sombra Strategy Guide (Tips & Tricks)

With invisibility as well as teleportation up her sleeves, Sombra is just one of the most difficult Overwatch 2 heroes to remove. In addition to her bothersome collection that not just consists of an SMG yet likewise has the capacity to disable various other heroes.

While Sombra has really distinct capacities that can aid gamers to remove opponents much faster as well as is a bothersome hero to bet, it’s hard to use up this damages hero as well as carry out well. That being stated, Sombra can be an effective opponent to remove in the hands of a knowledgeable Overwatch 2 gamer. Her capacity to pass away behind firing line as well as manipulate their weak point as well as damages assistance is something not every Overwatch 2 hero can do.

Overwatch 2: Sombra’s duty in the group

sombra hack
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is ideal played in a diving make-up with various other diving Overwatch 2 heroes like D.Va, Genji, Winston, Tracer, Doomfist, as well as others. With Sombra, gamers can not just flank the opponent group’s assistance yet likewise totally dismantle their protection with the assistance of invisibility.

Furthermore, with the capacity to hack, Sombra can hack the wellness loads on the map, which will certainly not just make them generate much faster yet will certainly maintain them from being consumed by the opponent group. As Sombra dives behind firing line as well as fires her method with, points can obtain a little bit frustrating if a container turns up. Because instance, gamers can either go unseen or teleport out of the scenario as well as repeat the procedure.

Overwatch 2: Sombra’s capacities

Weapon/Ability Type of Weapon/Ability Description Damage
Machine Pistol Primary tool Sombra’s main tool is a short-range fully-automatic gun with a hitscan technician. 2-7 (per bullet, depending upon the variety) (15-35 meter fall-off variety)
Translocator Primary capacity The Translocator aids Sombra to teleport back to the area where it is positioned. Remarkably, Sombra can likewise teleport to the sign, also if it’s mid-air. Nil
Stealth Primary capacity Stealth enables Sombra to go unseen for as lengthy as she desires. Sombra will certainly return back to typical self when making use of capacities; rate is enhanced by 60%. Nil
Hack Primary capacity Hacking an opponent gamer will briefly disable them from utilizing their capacities for 8 secs. Sombra can likewise hack wellness sets for 30 secs, making them generate much faster as well as pointless for opponent gamers. Nil
Opportunist Passive capacity Sombra can identify seriously wounded opponents with offers as well as wall surfaces 40% even more damages to hacked opponents. Nil
EMP Ultimate Sombra’s EMP problems equivalent to 40% of all neighboring opponents’ wellness, additional hacking them as well as ruining all obstacle guards. (reliable in a 15-meter distance) 40 % of present wellness as damages to opponents (ruined obstacles)

Overwatch 2: How to play Sombra?

Damage, teleport, repeat

sombra translocator overwatch 2
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Be a hazard for the opponent group to handle. As Sombra’s colleagues push the opponent group from the front, Sombra gamers can dive behind firing line making use of the Stealth capacity, hack the assistance gamers as well as damage them in secs. Hacking the assistance gamers will certainly disable their guards, that make up for practically half of every various other assistance hero’s general wellness. As soon as the guards are down, the assistance heroes are very easy choices for Sombra with her fully-automatic equipment gun.

Not just sustain heroes, yet Sombra gamers need to likewise target the opponent container gamers. Utilizing hacks as well as not enabling them to utilize their guard obstacles will certainly make them much more susceptible. Prior to diving behind opponent lines with Sombra, make certain to go down the Translocator sign someplace risk-free. Given that it would not be lengthy prior to Sombra is bewildered as well as will certainly be bulldozed with opponent firepower.

Dive in, yet constantly intend your leave

sombra hanzo
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is not a head-on boxer. Despite just how great a group is carrying out, Sombra gamers need to never ever take a head-on battle, particularly with Overwatch 2 container heroes. As a Sombra gamer, the main objective ought to be to wreak havoc as well as take down opponent assistance.

Using the Stealth capacity, dive behind firing line as well as hack the opponents, which will certainly lead to even more damages not just from Sombra yet likewise from Sombra’s colleagues. Never ever dive behind opponent gamers without having a leave strategy.

Players need to constantly intend a leave as well as position the Translocator relative to it. That being stated, the Translocator ought to never ever be maintained in simply one area each time. This will certainly make Sombra’s activities very easy to check out, as an opponent gamer could wait for Sombra to leap back or just damage the Translocator. Discover brand-new position on the map where Sombra can leap as well as dive from, also roofs.

EMP does not simply disable capacities

That’s right, Sombra’s best will certainly not just disable the opponent group’s obstacles as well as will certainly harm them yet likewise negate their ultimates. Sombra can likewise terminate out several ultimates with her Hack capacity. We will not recommend you go via with it in instance of specific ultimates because it will not be worth it if Sombra’s dead.

EMP deals damages equivalent to 40% of the opponent’s present wellness as well as hacks gamers in a 15-meter distance. While Sombra will not have the ability to land eliminating impacts with her best, the EMP can be utilized to establish bigger worked with strikes. Roadhog’s best can crush whole groups after Sombra’s best, which will certainly make them defenseless without obstacles. Genji gamers can likewise do the exact same with the Dragonblade. Sombra gamers can likewise quit Pharah from flying as well as Mercy’s rebirth.

It all depends upon just how well gamers use Sombra’s capacities compatible the capacities of their colleagues. Utilizing Hack at the appropriate minute can be vital for the group to win suits in Overwatch 2, therefore does recognizing when to make use of the Translocator.

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