Fire An Email To Get A Shot

[_Pegor] wished to produce a shot putting device for their close friends birthday celebration. Sadly, the construct wasn’t performed in time, yet a minimum of the JagerMachine is completed currently to make sure that others can utilize it.

The JagerMachine has a peristaltic pump that relocates fluid from a storage tank concealed in the rear of the device to the glass ahead. The device has a 3.5 inch DSI touch screen display screen for individual input and also a WS2812B LED ring for developing a tiny light program when the beverages are offered. A 3.3 V to 5 V level shifter is used to power the LED ring and a motor driver module is used to drive the peristaltic pump motor. It looks like there’s a “shot glass detection” feature that uses a 3D printed mini platform with a notch for a magnet so that when a glass is placed on top of it, the hall sensor can detect the presence of the nearby magnet.

Part of the charm of this project is the software stack on the Raspberry Pi that allows for novel interaction, including being able to serve beverages from the receipt of emails. Using the Raspberry Pi as the controlling device allows for this rich set of interfacing options, including easily allowing the ability to drive the LEDs, find the visibility of the shot glass, along with establishing network connectivity. The setup procedures are all documented in the repository for anyone wanting to see how this type of functionality might transfer to their own job.

Drink blending robotics are, certainly, a point. varying from small and cute to full shelf.

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