“Revolutionize Your Application Protection with CNAPP: The Cloud-Native Solution for Clear Visibility and Unifying Threat Management”

“Revolutionize Your Application Protection with CNAPP: The Cloud-Native Solution for Clear Visibility and Unifying Threat Management”

In today’s day and age, security breaches can be disastrous for businesses. To mitigate cybersecurity risks, companies usually invest in multiple security tools. However, this approach can lead to a problem of siloed systems that do not communicate with each other or share information. As such, security teams often end up wasting time trying to investigate security threats across different tools.

To address this concern, a cybersecurity platform called Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) has been launched. CNAPP is an all-in-one platform that can integrate multiple security tools, including endpoint protection, vulnerability management, and active threat detection among others. This unification can provide greater visibility and simplify the investigation of potential security breaches.

CNAPP comprises of three modules: Gateway, Orchestrator, and DataLake. Gateway is responsible for ingesting logs from different security tools, and Orchestrator orchestrates these logs for analysis. DataLake can house these logs and enable further analysis to uncover potential security risks.

CNAPP is an AI-driven platform that uses machine learning algorithms to identify new and unknown types of attacks that traditional security tools may miss. The system can continuously monitor security logs in real-time, providing teams with alerts if they detect any potential threats.

An important element of CNAPP is its ability to standardize data so that security teams can compare, contrast, and integrate event information generated by different tools or products. This standardization helps security teams avoid the errors that could occur when trying to correlate data from different sources.

In conclusion, CNAPP can unify security tools, provide complete visibility, and enable proactive security monitoring. It provides an opportunity for businesses to optimize their security operations, increase the efficiency of their security teams, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Key Takeaway:

– Siloed security systems can strain security teams
– CNAPP can provide unified security monitoring
– CNAPP is AI-driven and can identify new unknown types of attacks
– CNAPP standardizes data to make it easier to compare and integrate event information generated by different products
– CNAPP can optimize security operations and reduce cybersecurity risks.

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