Natural gas supplier Superior Plus hit with ransomware

Billion-dollar natural gas supplier Superior Plus announced that it was hit with a ransomware attack.

The propane seller stated that the incident started on December 12 but they did not disclose which ransomware group was behind the attack or which systems were affected.

The company has temporarily disabled certain computer systems and applications as the investigation process is ongoing. They are in the process of bringing these systems back online

They have also taken steps to secure its systems and mitigate the impact to the Corporation’s data and operations.

The scope of the impact is yet to be determined and the company has hired a cybersecurity company to help deal with the attack.

Superior that employees more than 4300 people made a revenue of over $1.8 billion last year. It provides propane and related services to 780,000 customer locations across the US and Canada. The company also provides natural gas to Canadian customers and is involved in the speciality chemicals industry.

Superior becomes the latest oil & gas company to suffer from a ransomware incident this year after the cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline earlier this year.

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