Layover Guide (How To Play The DPS Hero)

Among the lengthy line of Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, Sojourn is one hero that matches several playstyles. If you’re looking to obtain far better at playing Sojourn and also make some fascinating plays, right here’s all that you ought to adhere to while playing Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

With the resulting Overwatch 2, followers can currently play the brand-new DPS hero that rocks a high-powered power weapon. While Sojourn was a well-known name for Overwatch gamers because the days of “Overwatch 1,” gamers can currently lastly utilize her in-game. Prior to progressing to the component of Sojourn’s capabilities in Overwatch 2 and also just how to use them to the maximum, we require to understand what component the hero plays in Overwatch 2.

Sojourn’s function in Overwatch 2?

sojourn alt fire
Screengrab: Sojourn capabilities teaser Overwatch 2

Similar to Genji, Ashe, Hanzo, Junkrat, Cassidy, and also Torbjorn, Sojourn is a DPS hero, the hero in charge of destructive and also safeguarding eliminates in-game. Along with safeguarding eliminates, Sojourn’s function is to preserve the stress on opponent gamers along with the container heroes.

Furthermore, instead of container heroes, to play Sojourn to her maximum, gamers should have great goal, despite just how simple it wants to play her in Overwatch 2. Along with having a great goal, a great Sojourn gamer should have great motion abilities in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: Sojourn’s capabilities

To reach the component where we find out things to improve at Sojourn, we should initially obtain accustomed to Sojourn, s capabilities.

Ability/Weapon Type of ability/weapon Description Damage
Railgun Primary tool Sojourn’s key tool fires power ammunition in a projectile. 9 per round (14 rounds per secondly)
Railgun Alt Fire Secondary fire The second fire makes use of the ammunition power created from Sojourn’s railgun. The alt-fire can be discharged at adversaries any time and also can be contended adversaries at any type of provided time. 30-130 (depending upon variety)
Power Slide Primary capability Power slide permits Sojourn to either rapidly enter or out of the fight. This capability can be made use of to reach high ground by just slide terminate and also leaping. Nil
Disruptor Shot Primary capability A round blast of power that reduces adversaries caught in the span and also harms them gradually. 210 (over 4 secs, within 5 meters)
Overclock Ultimate capability Sojourn’s supreme capability substantially bills the Railgun power for a brief period, and also billed shots pierce adversaries. 108 damages per 2nd

How to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

Put Power Slide to the most effective usage

sojourn power slide
Screengrab: Sojourn capabilities teaser Overwatch 2

Sojourn’s Power Slide is an essential component of her capabilities that permits gamers to either rapidly avoid a hard battle or to get involved in a battle instead rapidly. The Power Slide likewise permits Sojourn gamers to obtain to high premises on the map by just slide canceling. The slide-cancel plays an essential component in rearranging from a battle where gamers are obtaining bewildered by numerous adversaries.

That being claimed, Overwatch 2 gamers should find out when to make use of Sojourn’s Power Slide to the most effective of their benefit. If gamers times the Power Slide inaccurately, it might wind up in a catastrophe for them; nevertheless, if gamers strategy and also implement it at the essential minute, the Power Slide makes certain to provide them a benefit over opponent gamers.

One of the most effective selections versus storage tanks

sojourn against tank
Screengrab: Sojourn capabilities teaser Overwatch 2

Among all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, Sojourn is a terrific option versus the container heroes, particularly the heroes with guards. With Sojourn, gamers can quickly break short the obstacle guards that assist the storage tanks secure themselves and also their colleagues.

While Sojourn gamers can just discharge at the obstacle to damage it off, firing with the alt-fire of Railgun will certainly assist gamers damage the guard obstacles also quicker. The Railgun produces power for alt fire at a quicker price while contending opponent gamers, the weapon will certainly still produce adequate power to assist Sojourn puncture the obstacle guards soon. That being claimed, Sojourn is rather great to bet the container heroes with a bigger hitbox in Overwatch 2. Heroes like Reinhardt, Roadhog, and also others are some instances of adversaries with larger hitboxes.

Try these combinations

sojourn dps overwatch 2
Screengrab: Sojourn capabilities teaser Overwatch 2

As a DPS Overwatch 2 hero, Sojourn operates in harmony with a variety of heroes, from various other DPS heroes to container heroes to sustain heroes. On that particular note, right here are some instances gamers must attempt in-game.

  1. Baptiste: Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix, coupled with Sojourn’s supreme, is a guarantee that gamers can take down opponent storage tanks quickly. Remarkably, the combination functions so well that gamers can also remove the whole opponent group with these 2 ultimates.
  2. Reinhardt: Sojourn and also Reinhardt’s capabilities work out with each other, whether it’s Reinhardt’s supreme combined with Sojourn’s Disruptor shot or the container hero’s guard to assist cover Sojourn as she assaults and also develops her Railgun fee.
  3. Soldier 76: The Sojourn and also Soldier 76 combination in Overwatch 2 can definitely bewilder the opponent group. Both DPS heroes have high flexibility, and also both of them can flanking the opponent group; think of a Sojourn and also a Soldier 76 flanking the opponent group with each other while the storage tanks do their work.

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