Cyberspace surfaced as The brand new and limitless battleground. The past year has observed Just about the most devastating cyber attacks that influenced numerous types of global sectors, which includes fiscal, Geo-political and technological know-how locations. The past year saw the emergence of a number of Formerly unfamiliar, still elite hacker groups, whose strategies have wreaked havoc globally and prompted wide-scale worry Amongst the tech Group.

So, here are top five active hacker groups:

5. LulzSec

The Hacker Group ‘Lulz Security’ commonly know as LulzSec. They became visible in May 2011, when they attacked several major corporation’s websites.

In June 2011, they redirected telephone numbers to different customer support lines, including the line for, FBI Detroit Office and world of warcraft. LulzSec is a small hacker group and Hector Monsegur (other name: Sabu ) is a one of the founder member of LulzSec. Even after declaring “50 Days of Lulz” letter of retirement the group teamed up with other groups in July 2011 to hack Rupert Murdoch’s News corporation.Currently this group is broken up, some of them were arrested and some joined different group. As per ‘Sabu’, he is now working with the government agency to aid them in identifying other hackers and hacker groups.

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4. OurMine

OurMine mainly consist of three person from some remote European countries. OurMine have their own website, where they provide the security check services. Clients can choose personal and enterprise level security checks as per there budgets and needs.

In 2016, they hacked the Twitter accounts of some well known persons like:

Pokémon Go creator John Hanke,

Google CEO Sundar Pichai,

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey,

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

They also hacked Pinterest account of Mark Zuckerberg.

In April 2017, OurMine hacked into the YouTube network access to numerous channels. They changed the titles and descriptions of videos for over 300 popular YouTube accounts.The video descriptions linked directly to OurMine’s website.

3. Computer Chaos Club (CCC)

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is the oldest hacking team or hacktivist team with over 5,500 members.

The CCC was Started in Berlin on 12 September 1981 in a desk which had Earlier belonged to your Kommune one inside the rooms from the newspaper Die Tageszeitung by Wau Holland and Other individuals in anticipation of your well known position that facts technological know-how would play in the way in which persons Are living and converse.The CCC became world famous when they drew public attention to the security flaws of the German Bildschirmtext computer network by causing it to debit DM 134,000 in a Hamburg bank in favor of the club. The money was returned the next day in front of the press. Recently, they breaks iris recognition system of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

2. Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army emerged in 2011, when they started a Facebook page and after that they possess Web-site.On its Web page, the SEA describes by itself as “a group of enthusiastic Syrian youths who couldn’t remain passive toward The huge distortion of details regarding the recent rebellion in Syria”.

They has declared their very own Linux distribution generally known as SEANux. In past years, they have taken responsibility of some well known hacks. In 2011, They defaced the website of Harvard University and  University of California Los Angeles.In 2012, The Reuters news website was compromised. In 2013, TrueCaller and Viber servers were hacked. They hacked the website of VICE. They hacked the Facebook page of Matthew VanDyke, a Libyan Civil War veteran and pro-rebel news reporter. In 2014, They hacked Skype’s Facebook, Twitter and blog, posting an SEA related picture and telling users not to use Microsoft’s e-mail service and many more.

1. Anonymous

Anonymous originated in 2003 about the imageboard 4chan, symbolizing the thought of numerous online and offline Group users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized international brain.The group, which has adopted the Dude Fawkes mask as its image and commonly gets to be involved in contentious authorized matters, reported inside the video late Sunday Brown’s Loss of life Saturday is simply the most website up-to-date example of police misconduct having fatal effects.

On March 22, 2012, Anonymous announced in a YouTube video that the JRC and those affiliated ended up all targets. This came after a online video of the boy getting tortured at the JRC, a Exclusive needs university, was released on CNN.

In early 2013, the group launched an incriminating movie, photos and tweets from the Steubenville Highschool soccer crew allegedly associated with a gang rape of the underage Female in rural Ohio.

This group collaborated with LulzSec to hack the Web-sites of the quantity of presidency and corporate resources and release data from them.

The Anonymous hackers initially goal is usually to steal details from a website and server. If it fails, that is the time they attempt a DDOS attack. They can be an exceptionally effectively-managed group. In advance of picking out a concentrate on, they perform a voting poll in the online market place. Following that, they name their Procedure.

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