Cyber Crimes have risen so dramatically in recent years that they have seemingly replaced old-fashioned, organized crime.

There is no doubt today that virtual environments have introduced new levels of efficiency, connectivity and productivity to businesses of all types the world over. However, along with these undisputed benefits has come an equally real and serious threat that each year results in hundreds of millions of dollars in measurable and unmeasurable losses to businesses — aggressive invasions by criminals into a business’s virtual environment.

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A cybercrime is defined as an intended act involving the use of computers or other technologies, and the criminal activity must take place in a virtual setting, such as the Internet. Cybercrimes share three elements:
1. Tools and techniques to perpetrate a crime
2. Approach or methodology for executing the criminal plan —
known as a vector
3. Crime itself that is the end result of those plans and activities
(a cybercrime is the ultimate objective of the criminal’s activities)

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