The RunPee tagline says it all: Because movie theaters don’t have pause buttons. The RunPee app will give you several Peetimes of 3-5 minutes in each movie when you can run and pee.

The RunPee family handles the bulk of the movies. They always see the show in the opening weekends and upload the Peetimes ASAP. In most cases, They see the opening showing at 7:00 or 10:00 PM Eastern, on Thursday evenings.

The RunPee databases is constantly updated–the day videos are produced in theaters–to show you the best times to operate and pee mid-Motion picture. And, obviously, we offer a synopsis with Just about every Peetime, so you’ll know what precisely you missed.

If you see a movie on opening evening, nevertheless, RunPee’s creators will not be capable to assist you with breaks. They do not get any pre-screenings, However they do see flicks on opening weekends, map out the most effective crack instances, and update the application. The app is accessible for free of charge on Android and apple iPhone whereas in windows it is of 0.99$.you can download it from its official site RunPee.

It lets you understand how very long you have got and provides you a timer and flashlight to your travels. What’s more, it allows you already know if you’ll find any more scenes following the credits and has backlinks for Film testimonials along with the imdb web-site.

On top of that the cell phone gives you two small vibrations at two minutes right before Each individual peetime and vibrate once at one moment right before Each individual peetime. So you’re able to sit again and take pleasure in the movie and Enable the RunPee app inform you when It truly is Secure to operate and pee.

Timing a quick splash ‘n’ sprint isn’t all of the app is sweet for mainly because it also informs you if there is anything really worth viewing all through or once the conclude titles – helpful if you are trying to help make last orders or are Keeping it in for one hour and a fifty percent.

In addition You can utilize the app to write down a movie overview and article it towards your Fb wall devoid of even crafting just about anything. You can also see how other RunPee customers rank movies based on a wide range of types: Over-all, performing, Tale, computer graphics, 3D high-quality and even more.

If you doesn’t have smartphone then you can checkout there mobile site It isn’t anything fancy, but at least you can access the movies and Peetimes using phone browser.

Here are some best tech website’s reviews on the iPhone RunPee Application

  • Wired (UK) – We LOVE Wired! RunPee got Wired!!! My favorite line is, “Quite frankly, this is genius.” I couldn’t agree more .🙂
  • Mobile Magazine – Timed Offline Alerts with RunPee Movie App Update.
  • Gizmodo – Top 50 must have iPhone apps. Liking the Giz love!
  • LifehackerWe are on the COVER! “The creators are also working on more features that will be rolling out “every few weeks,” including a friendly vibrate reminder to alert you a few minutes before a RunPee time”.
  • Mashable – WOW! On the FRONT PAGE! They say, “It’s a rare find: an iPhone app that’s both useful and hilarious. RunPee, an existing website that launched its iPhone app today, checks both those boxes”.
  • Gizmodo – “RunPee, that great website that tells you precisely the best time to run and pee during a movie so you don’t miss anything good, has taken the next step and released an iPhone app for quick reference”.
  • ABC News – “Approved by Apple’s App store earlier this week, RunPee (yes, really) promises to be the small-bladdered moviegoer’s best friend”.
  • – The RunPee is golden!
  • Washington DC Examiner – “There are useful websites. There are REALLY useful websites. And then there’s the pinnacle. The apex. The veritable apogee of all that’s good and wonderful on the interwebs –”.
  • Killer Startups – “I find this a very novel and convenient app. …a fresh idea and concept if I ever saw one…an original concept that deserves to gain traction”.
  • The Detroit News – “…the iPhone app is well-thought. Its yellow and off-white text on a black background isn’t likely to get you tossed (or to get popcorn tossed at you)”.

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