Ces 2016 is all about Virtual Reality.Many companies came with there design and technology on Virtual Reality Gadgets.The interesting part of it is it’s price.You can buy some of them within $100.

Some of them are

  • Sony came with Playstation VR :with it’s OLED display,120hz refresh rate and Super low latency ,you will feel like you are in the Game.Witness the next generation of virtual reality gameplay for yourself, with these incredible PlayStation VR titles. (Source: Playstation )
  • IndoTraq : New technology called HSKT™ (High-Speed Kalman Tracking) which is powerful and indoor patented is used in IndoTraq. This give it speed (200Hz update rate, 5ms latency) , Sub-5mm precision , Long range (up to 100m range indoors and up to 300m range outdoors) and most important wireless (No cables, no cameras, no lasers, no calibration). (Source: Indotraq )
  • HTC Vive : Vive will deliver full immersion, no excuses.It is develop with in conjunction with Valve (developer of many awesome games) . VIVE is powered by Valve’s SteamVR , so there is no doubt that soon many games will come which will support HTC Vive . (Source: htcvive )
  • Immersit :Immersit is little different kind of gadget.it will turn your couch into one which will enable you to physically feel everything taking place on your screen.Immersit gives you 4D experience in your home with a plug-and-play product that can be used with any couch and that literally takes the user inside the movie or game. (Source: Immersit )
  • Samsung Gear VR: It works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones (Compatible with Galaxy Note5, S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge).it has 96˚ view field with PUI/Button (Touchpad, Back key, Volume Key, Focus adjustment wheel ). (Source: Gear vr )

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