100% Legal and Working Method.Track anyone using this method, just send one message using any social network media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, even email or send message directly to phone as SMS.

There are many scenarios where you can use this trick like:

1. see your friends are telling truth or not about there location.

2. find the location of unknown person, who is bothering you.

and many more.You can also write in the comment about in which scenarios, you will use it.

The site we will be using are mention below :
1. https://grabify.link
2. http://www.ip2location.com

So, Here are steps to follow:

1. register on site grabify.

2. Get the link (url) of anything you want to send like wallpaper, music, video etc.

3. now login in grabify.

4. after login, go to home page. there you will see a box where you can paste url. So, paste the copied url in that box and click on create url.

5. After this url will be created and you will be redirected to the page where you will see new urls.

6. now copy New url or google url (anyone) and send it to that person whom you want to track.you can use any social network media like facebook,twitter,whatsapp,wechat,email or you can send it directly to there phones as a SMS.

7. than after some time come again on grabify and you will see the log file where you will find all detail about him/her.

8. for more info copy the ip address of that person and go to ip2location.com and paste the ip address there.

9. Further more , you can copy Latitude & Longitude of City and paste it in google search. by searching it you will get map location.10. thats it enjoy !!!

If you are unable to understand these steps, here is a video also.

Source youtube channel Viral Cyber Territory

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